There are several ways you could become directly involved with CIF Switzerland. There are no specific requirements for any engagement, such as previous knowledge, age or previous participation in an exchange program. Here are some examples of how you could get involved:

As a member of the Swiss CIF branch

As an active member, you can influence IPEPs in Switzerland, be actively involved and be regularly informed about news and international developments.

Become a member and contribute to the ongoing international exchange program of professionals in social work.

We always appreciate people interested in supporting our activities. Currently we need support

  • to promote exchange programs abroad for Swiss social workers and professionals in closely related fields,
  • to organise elements of the exchange program (search for committed organisations, accompany participants within Switzerland and so on), and
  • to assist in fundraising activities
As a host family

During the exchange program, participants live with host families for almost two weeks.

Are you interested in other cultures and willing to welcome a person to Switzerland? Are you interested in hosting someone for a short period of time and introducing him or her to the Swiss way of life?

Help make the professional exchange a memorable experience for someone from another culture. Use this opportunity for personal intercultural exchanges.

You and your guest will have an experience that will have an impact on all involved. All can benefit from  mutual exchange and gain new insights into another culture. It is not uncommon for a friendship between host families and participants to develop that lasts long after the exchange program.

Whether you are single or a couple, with or without children, or a step family or rainbow family, all are potentially welcome as hosts.


  • Being at least 25 years of age
  • Having good verbal English skills
  • Providing accommodation, breakfast and an evening meal for the duration of a stay
  • You live a maximum of 1 hour by public transport from Zurich
  • You are curious about other cultures and prepared to exchange views
As a speaker or host agency

During a program, participants learn about social work in Switzerland. They gain insight into everyday professional life in Switzerland and relate their discoveries and understanding to the situations in their own countries.

Are you an expert, working in the field of social work? Would you like to give our participants an insight into your professional field or organisation, e.g. through a presentation or during an on-site visit? Or can you provide us with contacts for these?

You can contribute to participants gaining insight into social work practice in Switzerland. At the same time you can benefit from their experience and knowledge.

Experience shows that discussion of professional practice and the values behind it is rewarding for all involved. We are always seeking to engage professionals and to involve organisations from the social sector. Contact CIF Switzerland to discuss what you can contribute to the program.


  • You work within a social services organisation or agency, or have contacts with or have experience of working with such organisations or agencies
  • For potential speakers, you have good written and verbal English skills; for on-site visits verbal skills are sufficient; if necessary, an interpreter can be arranged .
  • You can arrange for your availability at a scheduled time during the program